All Inclusive Ads - The Truth Revealed

I get at least 1-2 emails every day from marketers asking me my thoughts on All Inclusive Ads which is why I have decided to put up this case study page.

At first I didn't have an answer for them because to put it simple, I had not tried them out! I'm not the type of person to draw conclusions without experiencing things myself so I signed up.

If you are not familiar with the service then please check out the link below.



All Inclusive Ads claim to spend $40,000/month advertising a traffic totator that feeds traffic to all the AIA members. The list Google Adwords, Newspaper Advertising, Banner Advertising, Expired Domain name traffic, popups/popunders, youtube videos, social bookmarking, blog posts, and quite a few other marketing methods as the tactics they use to feed traffic into the rotator.

I was initially skeptical. I asked myself:

  1. Are they really spending this much money advertising for their customers?
  2. How long have they been in business?
  3. Why is there no phone #?
  4. Will this traffic they send actually convert to tangible sales for me?

Well, I couldn't wait any longer to test this out.

I created an account under the main sales page (not under an affiliate). All Inclusive Ads lets you add up to 10 of your links at a time.

I added:

Some newbies like to draw conclusions on traffic/signup sources very quickly. I know newbies that freak out after 24 hours if nothing is happening. I personally like to give a source a fair chance to work and access over a longer period of time.

I decided on a 30 day trial period before drawing conclusions on the effectiveness of All Inclusive Ads.

Please note I did absolutely no promotion of the All Inclusive Ads affiliate program as that is not required for the service to work.

The results were in. In the 30 days I spent testing AIA with my 7 links I confirmed that:

This is freaking insane. You DO NOT see results like this from just any ad source out there. I would tally my total loss to date from advertising online at around $35,000 over the years. I remember wasting $1000 on one piece of software that was supposed to bring leads in.

So in summary:

  1. Yes, All Inclusive Ads does work.
  2. Not only do they work, they are possible the best marketing service I have used in over 12 years marketing online.
  3. I still don't know how long they have been in business (WHO CARES, THEY WORK)
  4. I don't know exactly how much they are spending on the campaign BUT I GUARANTEE IT'S MORE THAN $40,000/MONTH

All Inclusive Ads claim they will be closing the doors soon and not accepting new members. Is this true? Who knows. It may be a marketing active but really, who cares. Don't chance it, just grab a slot while you can.

One thing I did discover while researching All Inclusive Ads is that some people out there bash it just to sell their own product. Please, please don't be foolish enough to believe reviews people write when they blatantly pitch their own product after bashing another. It's biased and people fall for it every day. That is the main reason you won't find me promoting my own products on this page. Sure I will lose a bit of money but I am also sure people will appreciate this review.

I hope that it puts an end to the question as to whether All Inclusive Ads is the real deal.

In closing I will post around 15 video testimonials I found for AIA while doing my research. I personally know 3 of these people so yes, they are legit and not paid testimonials.

Thank you, and God Bless All Inclusive Ads!

Dr. Jason A. Fee



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